A brief history .

Turner guitars are beautifully crafted instruments which compete with the best in the industry both in the quality of materials used and in the care and attention to detail in their construction.


2002 - 2022 .

Turner Guitars was founded in 2002 by Terry Pack who has been in the guitar business for over 50 years as a retailer, distributor, manufacturer, designer and musician. He set out to produce a new acoustic and electro-acoustic guitar brand that could play, look and sound fantastic without breaking the bank! Turner Guitars are still made using Terry’s design innovations to this day- that’s where we get our reputation for exceptional tone, feel and looks. In 2011 Terry moved on to found Terry Pack Guitars, who now offer a very high spec range of all-solid instruments, showcasing his many design innovations. Turner Guitars was passed on to his friend, and former manager of Electro Music Doncaster, Dave Ryan who ran the company up until 2022, expanding the range and providing truly fantastic service to his legion of devoted customers.

2022 - Present Day .

In 2022 Nye Farley took over as head of Turner Guitars! He also runs Finale Guitar, the friendly guitar shop based in Sheffield, and Finale Music School which offers a unique, ear-training based approach to learning a wide variety of instruments. Here’s a short word from the man himself:

“I played my first Turner guitar in 2019. I’d only just opened my first shop (the original tiny incarnation of Finale Guitar) and a customer traded in a gorgeous CLS-01E. I fell in love with it straight away and absolutely couldn’t believe how little they’d paid for it! I was lucky enough to meet Dave soon after and become a proud Turner dealer when I expanded to larger premises in 2021. I really love introducing new players to Turner Guitars- as soon as they play them you can see their faces light up! When Dave offered me the chance to carry on the legacy of this fantastic brand I couldn’t wait to continue the legacy of Turner Guitars and take the brand to new heights. It’s a huge pleasure to hear from all the fantastic Turner owners out there (you can find their feedback in our Turner Guitar Owners’ Club Facebook group) and I can’t wait to hear from loads more new Turner players. If I have one message for anyone reading this it’s ‘Try a Turner today!’. You’ll be astounded by our quality of tone, build and playability and I’m sure you’ll feel, as I do, that our instruments far outstrip those of similarly priced competitors”.


Turner Guitarists .

A selection of testimonials and reviews from musicians playing Turner Guitars...